Standard Rates vs. Low Rates Mortgage

Mortgage Tips Andy Wai 15 Oct

I recently was helping a client to compare the difference between a standard rate vs. a low rate mortgage. Some low rate mortgages have restrictions that you must know before deciding. Below is what I have calculated for my client:   Now, the main question is: “Is the savings of $313/year (or $26/m in interest) […]

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The Good & Bad – Mortgage Payment Deferral

Mortgage Tips Andy Wai 19 Mar

This is a unique time… With the pandemic from COVID 19 causing disruption to the economy and our daily lives, most lenders have stepped up and offered 6-month mortgage payment deferment programs on a case-by-case basis. Before deciding on taking a mortgage payment deferral, I wanted to show you the good and the bad of […]

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